TBI-108 Absolutely No Stories Were Created In The Making Of This Show

Nope.  No stories here. Just Nick.

Nope.  No stories here. Just Nick.

On social media, people love sharing details.  But how often do these details amount o stories worth telling?  Sure, we are the “author” of our own life, but does that means every detail is story-worthy? 

What is it about the fitness, bodybuilding, and strength lifting world that so compels peopel to try and force morality stories out of their experiences?  Are there really that many stories?  Or are people trying too hard?

Show regular Nick LeFebvre shares how his own story is still very much unconcluded, and we discuss the merit of “forcing” a story out of the details of our life.

And – yes – the episode releases are slowing down for the summer!  You noticed correctly.