a/k/a:  XN

The talent behind the chaos.

Christian Matyi – often referred to just as "XN" – is an entertainer, writer, comedian, voice talent, actor, designer, trickster, ham, and a bunch of other performance odds-and-ends.  

Currently sitting as the snarky, meta-babbling host of The Big Inside, XN is often also found working as an emcee and announcer for events and competitions because of his uncanny knack for improvising on the fly.  His ability to riff off the energy and excitement around him allow him to morph his talent into nearly any situation.  

Christian considers himself an artist first, and holds a "day job" running his own small business, Scorpio Creative, which brings competitive brand marketing, graphic design, and creative services to small and entrepreneurial businesses.  

Christian's eye for aesthetic led him many years ago into the world of competitive bodybuilding and strength sports, where he has had a successful competitive career.  His focus in the physique and strength sports has always been focused on exploring how the "body is public communication." He is always centering his work on promting a broader understanding of the ethics of the social symbolism of strength and shape. 

While comedy and chaos are a favorite mode for him, XN is also fond of a little gravitas from time to time.  He has been a coach and mentor of athletes for going on two decades, and founded the innovative and unique program The Next Level, an innovative, team-based educational program which coaches athletes towards using their physique talents for socially responsible and career-driven ends.  He has a strong belief that interjected laughter is a powerful tool for learning, and so uses his love of the comic to educate and lead.

Christian's fondness for philosophy and presentation have allowed him to become both a pundit and lecturer, presenting motivational and thought-provoking content that remains fresh, relevant and funny.

Christian has also founded The PhysiQulture Collaborative, an organization which helps build viable and meaningful collaborative efforts between athletes whose talent are often marginalized which working in isolation.  He is also founder of the PhysiQademy, an expansion of The Next Level program.


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