TBI-107 Drinking Seltzer in Cybernetic Hellscapes with Musclebound Artists

This massive guy was programmed to draw pictures.  Don't believe it?  Well, we're not gonna argue with him . . . 

Is what you are best designed for – like, your most notable assets, attributes, and skills – necessarily the same thing as what your best career path should be? 

Does what you are made of determine who you are meant to be?

Too often we tend to settle into the track chosen for us, as if it is just fate.  Like, just because we have certain aptitudes and skills, we’re supposed to become a specific thing.  Right? 

Well, on this week's episode, we are joined by artist (and former bodybuilder) Justin Williams as we explore how, sometimes, following a chosen path means a total reversal of direction.  

We’re mingling artistry with muscle, cybernetics with idealism, and pitting fate against imagination on today’s episode. 

And we’re also drinking seltzer.

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