TBI-109 Getting Totally Sold On Winning During Baby Invasions

The new season of The Big Inside is begun!  And in our usual high-production-value manner we have gathered together a cast of thousands for the episode! (Well, maybe a few less than that.)

To start out Season 6 (wow!), show host Christian Matyi, aka "XN," gets us thinking about why we can get so obsessed with winning stuff.  Is about validating merit?  Or is it just about chasing prestige?

We try to unravel whether prestige-chasing is a positive motivator or just a distracting poison.  The conversation is rounded out by a heard of lifters, bodybuilders, and strength athletes, all with unique takes on the show's theme.

Plus: XN blows our chance at a Peabody Award, the silent voices judge you constantly, and we get invaded by a RANDOM BABY!

Dave Farwell.png

Dave Farwell

Behzad Bear.jpg

Behzad "Bear"

Will Perelli.jpg

Will Perelli

Jim Pierce.jpg

Jim Pierce


Vic Cuzzupe.png

Vic Cuzzupe

Justin Senesac.jpg

Justin Senesac

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