TBI-097 Silent Judgements and Former Teen Bodybuilders with Dr. Mike Cavaliere, DPT

Almost ten years ago on The Big Inside, we did an episode with a teenager named Mike Cavaliere who was a competitive bodybuilder.  Now it's nearly a decade later and mike comes back to the show to discuss how that experience influenced and informed his career as he became an adult.

Now, we know the first thing your probably thinking is: "Wait – The Big Inside has been on for ten years??"  Yeah, yeah, yeah – simmer down.

But for real, the ability to look at what happens to an interest in something like bodybuilding over the long run in a young person's life is a fascinating topic.  Mick Cavaliere when on to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and so is still very much involved with the make up of the human machine.  We talk shop a bit, and the insights the adult Mike are (no surprise) way more compelling than 19-year-old Mike.

And show regular Scott Bottorff returns this week to joins us in the sidecar.

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