TBI-096 The Sport That Doesn't Matter But Everyone Should Care About with Adam McVey

Adam McVey knows what's up.  Or at least we hope does.

Adam McVey knows what's up.  Or at least we hope does.

But seriously, who cares that a bunch of dudes take tons of steroids and give each other prizes?

It’s hard to pin down whether or not the extremes of bodybuilding competition, epitomized in the IFBB (International Federation of Body Builders) has any cultural or social relevance.  Yet, at the heart of a multi-billion dollar annual revenue industry, it would be hard to consider bodybuilding actually irrelevant.

So what's the deal?  Does competitive bodybuilding matter beyond itself, or not?

To help us sort out if and whether competitive bodybuilding has any cultural significance, The Big Inside’s host Christian Matyi, aka “XN,” has invited IFBB insider Adam McVey, host of the long-running and wildly popular GEAR’D UP! Podcast, to join the discussion. 

Once again Nick LeFebvre sits in the sidecar for a discussion that unravels the complexity of a sport who’s relevance is hard to pinpoint.

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