TBI-105 Last-Minute Blow-Offs and The World's Most Valuable Human Commodity

This week The Big Inside got cancellations from not one, not two, but three guests for The Big Deal segment of the show.  But while we might get blown off you, our dear listeners, will not!  We rooted through our audio files and found a segment that was originally part of a longer piece.  We spit-polished it and have it for you as the centerpiece of this short little show.  

This week we're looking at what might be the most valuable human commodity.  No, it's not pizza.

And just as a reminder, we are onlyafew episodes away from our first break of the year.  We need to catch up show content, and on life.  We'll be back before you know it, and we still have a couple episodes to go.  Just giving you gusy the ol' PSA heads-up.

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