TBI-088 Special Series 3: Advanced Training Tactics and Jedi Mind Tricks

This episode is the second in a special mini series from The Big Inside featuring host Christian Matyi, a/k/a XN, joined by regular show guest Scott Bottorff with a discussion of missing elements for advancing "advanced" training.

it's also the episode where Scott saw the new Star Wars and XN didn't, so there is a verbal light saber dual.  You juts can;t see it.  (Audio medium.)

As the body advances through training progress, very often there is a lack of parallel advancement of the programs used to keep progress going.  This is a common theme among experienced or "elite" lifters, athletes, and bodybuilders, who often tend to over-rely on "things that worked up until now, and often resist recreating their approach.

XN and Scott discuss the mindset that causes resistance, their own experiences with this occurrence, practical insights into correction of this common misstep, and also go on and on about the new Star Wars: Rogue One film.