TBI-085 Special Series with Scott Bottorff, Episode 1: Motivation and Bad Spelling

This episode is the first in a special mini series from The Big Inside featuring regular show guest Scott Bottorff joining Christian Matyi, a/k/a XN, on a discussion of how motivation may not be solely the result of our mindset.

The upcoming episodes within this series turn the table for host XN, making him participant in the discussion rather than just interviewer.  XN and Scott bring their many, many years of experience to the table to engage discussions on a range of topics that both he and Scott have regular contact with in their coaching careers.

The inspiration for the episode comes from the work Scott does uncovering ways in which the body’s disposition can impact our attitude, even when we’re unaware of such factors.  

While they may be raising more questions than they are answering, the ideas they raise may well inspire your own perspective on how motivation may not be about blunt force of the mind, but sometimes about stepping back and looking at the state of the body.